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Saucējas is a traditional singing group presenting songs from the ancient times with amazing, full and powerful singing with clashing and intricate intervals, enthralling contemporary listeners with a vibrant and inspired performance.


The singers of Saucējas, the traditional singing group of the Latvian Academy of Culture, have been united by a common goal for the past 15 years – to learn and promote styles and techniques of Latvian ethnographic singing, with special emphasis on local multipart singing traditions. The repertoire of the group contains various types of Latvian traditional singing, as they have been documented in three Latvian regions.

This includes examples of both archaic drone singing, and the most spectacular songs in the Saucējas repertoire: rotāšanas from the Selonian region which unique, archaic sound is created by tense second intervals combined with a drone. Archival audio recordings of traditional singing and personal contact with the traditional singers during research in the field have also shaped the Saucējas repertoire.

Currently Saucējas is working on their project Traditional Singing in a Natural Acoustic Setting where the group is recording songs in the natural environment – on hills, near lakes and forests. These recordings provide a comprehensive picture of the Latvian singing tradition, which is characterized by the coexistence and interaction of sounds created by man and nature. Saucējas execution of songs are not only influenced by the acoustic surroundings in which they are performed but also by the presence of various other natural sounds: wind, birds, insects, trees rustling. No artificial delays or reverbs are used in the mixing of these recordings.

Saucējas have performed in concerts and festivals in Latvia and abroad: Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland.

In 2012, the Saucējas received the Latvian Music Records Award for the best traditional music album Dziediet, meitas, vokorā, a compilation of traditional songs from Selonia, and in 2017 the group was presented with the Latgalian Culture Award Boņuks for the album Trīci, munu ustabeņi!.

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