Lata Donga

Lata Donga

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At the core of the music group Lata Donga is a family who has been playing ethnic music for already three generati ons. Lata Donga‘s special musical appeal is linked with the emoti onal, uniquely saturated and inspirati onal sound of the singers‘ voices. The ancient and modern, the Latvian and global, the female and sacred – all of these unite in a single whole andserve as the group‘s main musical inspirati ons. As its name suggests, the album Variacijas ons features a number of diff erent variati on techniques in singing as well as assorted forms of musical expression in the arrangements of folk songs.

Asnate Rancane and Aurelija Rancane are also in the Band “Tautumeitas”.


  • Variacijas


    Year of Release: 2019

    Catalogue-Number: CPL032

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